Winter has its share of cold weather problems.

In order to help us give you our best vehicle maintenance management and optimize your winter operations, we would like to make the following suggestions:

  • Drain the air tanks daily to eliminate condensation.
  • Add diesel fuel conditioner fluid regularly, especially if travelling from south to north
  • Connect the truck’s block heater at least 4 hours before starting. In addition, make sure that the outlets you use are functional.
  • Make sure that your truck’s DEF liquid tank remains full.
  • Eliminate enemy number 1 from new generation engines by avoiding idle.
  • Clear snow from trailer roofs and truck bodies.
  • If you must use an air brake antifreeze fluid, make sure it is not pure methyl alcohol (wood alcohol).
  • Avoid parking vehicles in areas with high winds as much as possible.
  • When starting the vehicle, make sure that the switches are in the OFF position.
  • At the end of your workday, make sure all switches are in the closed position.
  • Several vehicles, particularly those in class 7, are equipped with glow plugs. So, when starting, turn the key to the ON position and wait at least 30 seconds before attempting to start the engine.
  • Never use ether to start these vehicles.
  • In cold weather, fully depress the clutch pedal when starting the engine.

Our vehicle maintenance management

Finally, please share these suggestions with your team to get the most out of your heavy vehicles during the cold season and avoid additional costs. You can also ask one of our vehicle rental and maintenance management consultants for information on our SOS24 roadside assistance program.

You will find more details in the pdf file below to download.

Download the PDF document