Covid has repercussions everywhere. The delays for delivery of new trucks and trailers are very long these days. It can take from 8 to 12 months right now to take delivery of a new piece of equipment.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the negative effects on the supply chain have been multiplying and now touch all aspects of vehicle production. Reduced labor , reduced supply capacities of base materials such as steel and aluminum, tires, mechanical parts and now semiconductors have really complicated production and can even result in the complete shutdown of production for certain types of vehicles.

Manufacturers have the production capabilities, which is not the problem. Even if they had to stop production for a certain time because of the pandemic and even though in certain situations they can even add second shifts to increase production capacity, they simply do not have the materials or components necessary to produce complete vehicles. For certain types of equipment, they produce nonetheless, park them outside and wait until the missing parts come in to finish assembly. It is a huge puzzle and a major problem this year.

At Brossard Leasing, we have a solution to help you continue to operate your business in this situation.

We are the largest Quebec-based heavy vehicle rental and leasing provider with a fleet of almost 3600 vehicles and a rental fleet of over 2000 units.


remorque plateforme
1. Straight trucks, tractors as well as dry, refrigerated and flatbed trailers
2. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals
camion a louer
location brossard, location trailer, location de remorque, location camion montreal, location trailer, semi remorque, location remorque fermée
3. Full-service leases on terms from 12 up to 120 months on certain types of equipment
4. A service that includes everything; inspections, repairs, lubricants, tires, brakes, labor, on-site service, substitute vehicles and more.
location trailer, location de remorque
location trailer, location de remorque
5. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in-person service. We never close.
6. Consulting services by our experts that will make you save money.

We are able to supply vehicles immediately, either for a rental or on a yearly contract, always with full-service included.

Should we order a vehicle from a manufacturer for you, we will offer you an interim rental at the same rates and conditions as the lease for the time that the new one comes in.

This way you can operate your business now and get all the benefits of the full-service lease right away.

Take to one of our consultants. We will be able to provide an adapted solution for you.

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