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Short-term rental

Trailers, flatbeds, tractors and others

In addition to long-term leasing, roadside assistance, and maintenance and repair services for your vehicles, Location Brossard makes more than 2,000 vehicles available to you for short-term rental, 24/7, even on statutory holidays.   

The specialists at the operations centre are always on hand to welcome you and help you select the vehicle you need to arrive on time, every time.   

In fact, the short-term leasing service allows you to pick up, at any time of day or night, the equipment you need from our fleet of 2 or 3-axle, open or closed trailers with or without temperature control, 6 or 10-wheel straight trucks with or without temperature control and lift, or tractor trucks with our without sleeper cab.  

These vehicles are registered based on the regions you will be crossing and can be operated by drivers with a Class 1, 3 or 5 license. 

Short-term rental is a major element in the diversity of services provided by Location Brossard, which is a one-stop shop allowing your company to remain your clients’ supplier of choice.


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