Approach to the “AFTER COVID-19”!

What an intriguing and ingenious toy: we move it, it stretches and it falls back into shape!
This inspired our approach to the “AFTER COVID-19”!

Obligatory distancing has shaken both our personal and family lives as well as our business realities! So much so…that we have to rethink our business models, rethink what we used to take for granted; this asks us to REINVENT OURSELVES and also begs us to consider PURCHASING LOCALLY.

Brossard Leasing is a proud homegrown company that can offer perfectly adapted solutions to face the crisis and change. Be it equipment type and size as well as maintenance and term needs, we can put together a flexible lease that will best fit your new reality.
We are there to help…fall back on your feet!

Together, everything will be OK.

Brossard Leasing inc.