Here are our team‘s suggestions for summer road safety precautions that will help you get there on time, every time.

1. Due to their foliage, the woodlands along streets, paths, roads and highways are more opaque in winter. This makes it more difficult to see animals of all kinds coming at any time. To avoid accidents, breakages and delays, be on the lookout and ready to react when driving in wooded or rural areas.

2. To find out which roads or roads are closed following summer highlights such as paving and sidewalk repairs, thunderstorms, floods and power line breakdowns, we recommend that you take a route that allows you to arrive on time, at any time, by contacting Transport Québec’s 511 line (available in several American jurisdictions and four Canadian provinces) or the equivalent in your region.

3. The warm season also means an increase in the number of pedestrians and cyclists on roads that should be shared with caution. Take your summer precautions on the road! Do not forget to pay particular attention to the signs and be very careful.

4. Avoid the practice of idling mode during hot weather as it can be harmful to EPA 2010 engines, which must run at high temperatures to properly carry out the regeneration process. Have a good summer, everyone!