Here are our team‘s suggestions for summer precautions on the road that will allow you to always arrive on time.

1. Because of their foliage, wooded areas bordering streets, paths, roads and highways are opaquer in winter. Thus, it becomes more difficult to see animals of all kinds that may appear at any time. To avoid accidents, breakage and delays, be on the lookout and ready to react when driving in wooded or countryside areas.

2. To find out which roads or highways have been closed due to unavoidable summer events such as pavement and sidewalk repairs, storms, floods and power line breaks, we recommend that you take a route that will allow you to arrive on time, by contacting the Quebec 511 Transports line (available in several American jurisdictions or states and four Canadian provinces) or the equivalent in your region.

3. The warm season also means an increase in the number of pedestrians and cyclists on roads that should be shared with caution. Take your summer precautions! Don’t forget to pay special attention to the signs and be extra careful.

4. Avoid idling in hot weather as it can be damaging to 2010 EPA engines, which must be run at high temperatures to perform the regeneration process properly. Have a great summer!