SOS24 is an ultra-fast emergency roadside assistance service in the event of mechanical breakdowns.
Brossard Leasing’s breakdown service will come to your site regardless of your location. Even remote areas and difficult to access roads in North America are accessible at Brossard.

Brossard Leasing has almost 50 years of experience in the rental, maintenance, and repair of heavy vehicles. In this regard, the company has developed all the skills required to help its customers minimize the impacts of mechanical failures.

The efficiency of the SOS24 service is based on the availability of mobile workshops on the extensive NationaLease network that covers all of North America. Indeed, Brossard Leasing is part of this network. Emergency roadside assistance is also based on the experience of its personnel who know how to manage emergencies.

With a subscription to the SOS24 service and a single toll-free telephone number, you benefit from the breakdown service for your vehicles 24/7. This subscription also allows you to save on each invoice.

By holding the SOS24 card, you save time and money. You will only focus on your main tasks without thinking about troubleshooting your trucks.

emergency roadside assistance


The benefits of our emergency roadside assistance are many :

Qualified and experienced staff for immediate handling of the call

Approved suppliers

A 1-800-361-9720 number to call, we take care of the rest

Quick and well-done repairs

Reduction of downtime during mechanical breakdowns

Over 30,000 accredited suppliers across North America with our affiliation with NationaLease

Billing on pre-approved account

Simplification of transactions

emergency roadside assistance

Why our members chose it

Our customers choose our emergency roadside assistance for :

A productive and hassle-free night

Avoid bad repairs (badly carried out)

Focus on the company’s core business

Avoid excessive costs

Keep drivers productive and reduce breakage losses

Drivers’ peace of mind no matter when or where the break occurs

No more having to pay suppliers on the spot (credit card)

Only one invoice per mechanical failure


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1 800 361-9720

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1 800 361-9720

514 367-1343


1 800 361-9720

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