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S.O.S 24

Help. Anywhere. Anytime.

SOS 24 is an ultra-fast emergency service providing roadside assistance in the event of mechanical breakdowns. Location Brossard’s mobile workshops will go on site, regardless of where you are, even in the farthest, most hard-to-access reaches of North America.   

Thanks to its 40 years of experience in the rental, maintenance and repair of heavy vehicles, Location Brossard has developed every field of expertise required to help its clients minimize the impact of mechanical breakdowns on the road.   

The efficiency of the SOS 24 mechanical breakdown management system relies on access to mobile workshops, the extensive NationaLease network, which covers all of North America and of which Brossard is an active affiliate, and experienced personnel able to quickly direct each request based on the degree of urgency.

Subscribing to SOS 24 provides 24/7 access to emergency roadside assistance for your heavy vehicles with a single toll-free phone call while allowing you to save on each invoice.   

Equipping your trucking team with the SOS 24 card will save you time and money, so you can continue to focus on your key activities rather than vehicle recovery.   

Advantages:                                                     Why our members have chosen us:

Qualified personnel experienced in following up on  calls immediately  

For a productive, worry-free night

Approved suppliers

To avoid inadequate repairs  

A single contact number: 1 800 -361-9720 – we take care of the rest

Allowing clients to focus on their company’s key activities   

Fast, well-executed repairs

To avoid excessive costs

Reduced downtime in the event of mechanical breakdowns   

To keep drivers productive and reduce losses related to breakdowns  

More than 30,000 accredited suppliers throughout North America via our affiliation with NationaLease

For the peace of mind of drivers regardless of the time or place the breakdown occurs

Billing on a pre-approved account

No longer required to pay suppliers on the spot         (credit card)

Streamlined transactions

A single invoice per mechanical breakdown