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Location Brossard offers you truck rental services to meet your transportation needs. Truck rental comes on a short term basis and our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Straight Body Truck Models

At Location Brossard, there are two main classes of straight trucks: straight body trucks and refrigerated straight body trucks. Each of these two categories comes with three models:  the class 3 straight truck, the class 5 single axle straight truck and the class 3 tandem axle straight truck.

Truck availibility

Our policy ensures the availability of our products and truck rental services: this way, you can rent one of our trucks at any time of day, for the duration of your choice.

Locations in Quebec

In Quebec City as in Montreal, Location Brossard has a wide inventory of all the straight truck models or refrigerated straight truck models you might need.

Feel free to contact the nearest office for more information about our truck leasing services.

Class 3 Straight truck

Class 3 Straight truck Details

Class 5 single axle straight truck

Class 5 single axle straight truck Details

Class 3 Tandem axle straight truck

Class 3 Tandem axle straight truck Details