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Safe Summer Transportation

Friday June 20, 2014

Here are some suggestions in order to help you deliver on time, all the time.

1. The woody areas along roads and highways are more leafy during summer time, therefore it is more difficult for drivers to see upcoming animals of all kinds who could cross their way at any unexpected moment. In order to avoid incidents, be vigilant and ready to react when you drive nearby forests or countryside areas. 2. Since you need to get to destination on time, all the time, you might want to know which roads are closed due to repairs, broken electric lines or floods related to summer storms, and adapt your itinerary by contacting the , 511 line from Transports Québec (available in several American administrations or States, as well as in four Canadian provinces and in one Canadian territory) or the equivalent in your area. 3. Every year, he number of pedestrians and cyclists grows considerably during summer time, therefore it is important to respect the road signs that are specifically destined to create awareness. 4. Avoid idling during heat weaves since it could translate into unexpected breakdowns for EPA 2010 engines, which must run at extremely high temperatures in order to perform an efficient regeneration process. Have a good Summer!

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