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The branch in the East-end of Montreal is opened

Monday June 9, 2014

This branch located on the Transcanada Highway just east of highway 25, will bring Brossard closer to the customers.

This new site will give the customers easy access to rental and leasing services as well as transportation equipment. The 235,000 square foot site includes an operation center, fuel installations and an 8 bay maintenance and repair facility. Brossard Leasing will offer its full range services from this facility: • short term rental and long term leasing with maintenance of dry or temperature controlled semi-trailers and straightbody trucks, flatbeds and tractors • maintenance and repairs of customers' own heavy vehicles • road assistance service 12321. Métropolitain East Blvd Montreal (Quebec) H1B 5R3 Three branches, one number! 1 800 361-9720

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