Founded in 1973

Location Brossard was founded in 1973 by its current president Guy Brossard while working for the family firm, Transport Coupal. Operating in the regulated transportation sector at the time, Mr. Brossard saw an opportunity for growth in the leasing of heavy vehicles. 

Before long, Location Brossard was meeting the needs of carriers, distributors, manufacturers and service companies requiring equipment and service in a growing economy. The business volume of the company, which was then located in Ville Lasalle, became much larger than that of the transportation company. As a result, the decision was made to focus on the leasing of heavy vehicles with service.    

By the early 1990s

Location Brossard operated a fleet of more than 1,500 units from its facilities in Ville Lasalle, which had become too small to support the company’s growth. In light of the situation, in 1994, the company moved to a large lot with a fully renovated building in Dorval. Comfortably ensconced in its new premises, the company could pursue its growth, quickly doubling its fleet of vehicles and income in just a few years. Then in 2000, a new branch was opened in Quebec City.   


Location Brossard is the largest lessor of heavy vehicles in Québec with more than $175 million in assets and a team of more than 150 experts. The Location Brossard team continues to be driven by the urgent transportation culture transmitted by Mr. Brossard from the outset. It has a special understanding of the importance of responding quickly to the needs of its clients whose products must be delivered on time. This translates into the flawless customer service on which the company has built its reputation.