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Long term leasing GO 24

GO>24, it’s a full service lease like no other. No other full service lease company does as much to exceed your expectations.

A complete solution

Never again will you have to worry about the maintenance, repair or replacement of a piece of equipment. Everything is included, from motor oil to tires. 

A specially adapted solution

We won’t propose a solution until we have a full grasp of your needs. Our team of consultants will analyze your situation in order to propose vehicles and a rental program that will optimize the operational efficiency of your transportation department.  We analyze routes, loading and unloading conditions, logistics, desired improvements and so much more, all with an eye to offering you a complete solution delivering the efficiency and effectiveness you seek.  This translates into optimal performance in terms of loads, gas savings, reduced time loss for drivers, and more.   

An operations centre open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We are always open to serve you.  Whether it’s to rent a vehicle, deal with an emergency, or come up with a rapid solution to an unforeseen event, we are there to answer. 

An impressive selection of transportation vehicles

Location Brossard has more than 2,000 vehicles available for short-term rental. To provide a replacement for a long-term lease vehicle undergoing repairs or additional vehicles during peak periods, only Location Brossard is your one-stop shop for a complete range of heavy vehicles — semi-trailers, flatbeds, straight trucks and tractor trailers — for short-term rental.


Inspections and maintenance are handled on site thanks to our mobile shops and emergency repair service is provided throughout North America thanks to our affiliation with NationaLease: it’s all part of our commitment to deliver an ultra-rapid response.  

Web access

Know instantly and at all times where your vehicles stand. Web>24 gives you access to all technical, operational and administrative information relating to your leased vehicle.