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Fleet maintenance

Truck and semi-trailer maintenance and repair services

Truck and semi-trailer maintenance and repair services provided by Location Brossard allow you to maximize the performance of your fleet of vehicles. With 40 years of experience, Location Brossard has developed every field of expertise needed to ensure:   

-       quality maintenance and repair services tailored to your requirements  

-       SAAQ maintenance follow-ups and pre-inspections 

-       certified PEP (preventive maintenance program) mechanics

-       quality name-brand parts

-       a competitive hourly rate

-       extended business hours

-       a unique preventive inspection program 

-       oil sampling service

-       pick-up and delivery service

-       washing of the vehicle’s exterior with oil changes  

-       range of replacement vehicles at preferential rates  

When you entrust the maintenance and repair of your fleet of heavy vehicles to Location Brossard, you enjoy all of these advantages so you can focus on your key activities with complete peace of mind.